Welcome to Irma Coulson Public School

'Just Give' at ICPS
just-give-logo-2.jpgWe were extremely fortunate to have Mike 'Pinball' Clemons visit our students and launch the incredible work with the campaign 'JUST GIVE'. Please visit the link for more details and great pictures of Mike's time with us and the privilege we feel to be the AMBASSADOR school to this important work.

Our ICPS Story - Captured on Film!
In our work here at ICPS, we feel extremely honoured to be featured in a Documentary that speaks to our work as a Team of Believers in creating a school that has as our foundation Culturally Relevant and Responsive Teaching Practices. Please take a moment to visit and explore the website and watch the great video which provides a very clear message on the importance of our work together at ICPS and the IMPACT we know this is having in creating a school community that is truly inclusive.

Arriving on Time at ICPS
As we enjoy this much needed warmer weather, just a reminder of the importance of being here on TIME as supervision begins at 8:40 and our FINAL BELL rings at 9:00a.m. Also a reminder about making sure your children have sun screen and a water bottle for those fun and sunny days we have here at ICPS.

Special Lunch Days for Term 3

Pita Days
Pizza Days
April 2
March 26
April 16
April 9
April 30
April 23
May 14
May 7
May 28
May 21
June 11
June 4
June 18

Kiss and Ride UPDATE
With the colder weather comes an increase in traffic through our 'Kiss & Ride'. To ensure the safety of children being dropped off and our pedestrian traffic, as well as improve the efficiency of our system, you'll see some additions to our processes.

Most noticeably, the Drop Off area at the front of the school is now defined by two lanes, marked clearly by signs. The right hand lane will allow families to drop off students in Grades 2 – 8, directly at the curb, then pull forward in the same lane and exit at the end of the zone. The left hand lane will now be designated for cars exiting the K- Grade 1 Kiss & Ride loop ONLY. As we transition into using a 2-lane system, we ask families to follow the direction of the staff that will be supporting this new process.

Kindergarten Registration Begins!
Please bring:
•     Proof of address (any two of the following current documents); lease or deed, car registration, copy of a bill, health card, bank or credit card statement, contact from a government agency
•     Proof of age: birth certificate, passport or baptismal/faith document
•     Proof of citizenship: birth certificate or passport or Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Permanent Resident card.
•     Proof of immunization, or philosophical or religious exemption forms
•     (completed medical authorization where necessary)

If you are not the child's parent, or if you have sole custody, please bring proof of custody (court order)

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