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Coming to Kindergarten Resource Suggestions

Coming to Kindergarten Resource Suggestions

652013_33602_0.jpgComing to Kindergarten

Dear Family,

The Coming to Kindergarten book is a gift for you and your child, please keep it at home and add it to your family library. The book can be used in a variety of ways to help your child and family prepare for starting school.

Halton District School Board

Here are some ways to use the book with your child:  
  • Read the pictures and sentences with your child and discuss the illustrations:  
  • Talk about the things they will see and hear when they start school
  • Ask your child about things that make them happy about starting school
  • Talk about the routines in the classroom with your child (lining up, sitting on the carpet, etc)
  • Ask your child if there is anything that makes them sad/nervous about starting school – be sure to address these issues and work out some solutions together
  • Have your child complete page 4 with a picture of themselves and practice writing their name (not all 3 and 4 year old children will be able to write their name perfectly – this is practice)
  • If your family speaks another language add some words in your other language to the lines below each sentence, to celebrate your families literacy in other languages
  • Families who speak one language can encourage their child to draw a picture or try writing some of the text on the lines below each sentence
  • Show and talk about page 26 and 27 with your child. If your child is nervous about not being able to talk with the educators, your child can use the pictures to help with communication
  • Once school starts you can have your child complete pages 5 and 6. Your child may want to show their work with educators or friends at school