Irma Coulson and the Halton DSB are working with national charity Evergreen in a unique and engaging partnership over the next year. The school ground is being transformed within the framework of the Climate Ready schools concept. It begins with the view that our public school grounds are uniquely valuable assets that have the potential to positively influence student development - physical and mental health, learning and social behaviour. As well, they are valuable landscapes for mitigating the effects of climate change by cooling sites with shade and managing storm water.

Concept Design
February 2021

Parent Info Session
December 2020

Cam from Evergreen Presentation
October 2020

International Landscape Architect
Birgit Teichmann
October 2020

Connecting with our Students!
October 2020

Couson Connects
Mr. Slemko & Cam (Evergreen)
September 2020

Society for Organic Urban Land Care  - Episode 4: Irma Coulson Public School's Climate Ready Greenspace

Concept Design
February 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for this project?

The core planning team from Irma Coulson, HDSB and Evergreen have been meeting since the summer of 2020. The initial drawings and plans will be completed by early winter 2020. With final drawings ready for Spring of 2021. Construction is slated to begin in Spring of 2021 with the aim to be fully completed by Fall 2022.

What areas of the school grounds are being considered for redevelopment?

All the outside spaces are being looked at through this project. Including the Kindergarten area, the grass field, the blacktop, gardens, and other outdoor learning spaces.

What sort of spaces can be added/changed during the redevelopment?

Examples of other school ground designs created by Evergreen and Birgit Teichmann can be seen here. Creating spaces to gather, relax, play, climb, explore and learn are at the centre of this plan and the new elements will be student an community centred.

Is this redevelopment only for the students?

The hope is that this space now becomes a community hub and a place for families and the community to gather after school hours and on weekends.

How will the new space impact our environment?

The aim of the project is to create "Climate Ready" spaces. This means that a focus of this project is on building sustainable, environmentally conscious spaces. Evergreen notes that "addressing climate change is everyone’s responsibility and by supporting schools to create naturalized areas and encouraging students to become stewards of them we build awareness and address the root of the issue; ourselves."