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About Mrs. Irma Coulson

Irma Coulson (1922-2013) was a former teacher and principal in Halton who began her teaching career in the 1940s in a one-room schoolhouse.After she retired from education, she became dedicated to the Milton community, including spending 20 years as a board member and volunteer at Halton Recovery House. She was the recipient of the Milton Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

“In researching her, I learned from her: be passionate about what you believe in, fight for the best for yourself and your community and you’ll make the world a better place in the process. Treat everyone with kindness and respect and that there is no lesson too small and learning is a lifelong activity. What more could you ask for a school culture?” Macdonald said.

Macdonald said Coulson had a gift and passion for education, a passion that permeated every aspect of her life. This passion has garnered her respect, admiration and gratitude. Coulson also took on leadership roles within the Halton District School Board.

“Milton has a great tradition of recognizing individuals who have made civic contributions, including P.L. Robertson, Chris Hadfield, Tiger Jeet Singh. We also have a wonderful tradition of recognizing individuals who have made an impact in the field of education, including J.M. Denyes, W.I. Dick, E.W. Foster and most recently Anne MacArthur,” Macdonald said.

“These are all individuals who have helped build the culture and heritage of today’s Milton.”