Walk, Bike and Roll to School!

Walk, Sled, and Snowshoe Campaign

December 1 - 15, 2023

Please remember to walk, bike or roll to school!  Not only does this allow for a less congested entry onto our school, but it is also a healthy, mindful way to start and end your child’s day!  It is also a great way to help keep our world green and eco-friendly.  Next week we will be asking our Coulson Coyotes to see who is walking, biking or rolling to school.  The class who has the most students who have walked, biked, or rolled to school, gets a special treat!  Let’s do this Irma Coulson!

Walk, Sled, and Snowshoe

Watch how families are enjoying the walk to school.  Walking is healthy, mindful AND social!  It's an eco-friendly way to keep our planet green and it avoids running into traffic congestion while at school.  In some cases, it's even quicker!  Let's all give it a try!